Dick Van Dyke’s Great Grandson Arrested in Drug Death!


Welcome to Prisneyland Alex Van-Dyke







ARRESTED: 11/18/2011

F PC192 Involuntary Manslaughter
F HS11377(a) Possession of a controlled substance

17 year old Alex Van Dyke – Dick’s great grandson has been diagnosed as a murderer by the cops. Alex Van Dyke was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter on Friday. Cops tell us they believe Van Dyke was involved in the death of Griffen Kramer – a real dick move!

According to cops, after Kramer overdosed on heroin at an Agoura Hills park he was dragged into a car by his “friends” and then taken to their house instead of a hospital and left overnight to die.

And there’s this!
When cops searched Van Dykes home the place was such a dump that several children were removed from the house due to “deplorable conditions” and his father Carey Van Dyke was arrested for child endangerment – Wonder how Dick feels about this!

The story is developing by the minute – stay tuned for updates.

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