Bobby B!


ARRESTED: 0326/2012
M VC23152(A) DUI Alcohol/Drugs
M VC23152(B) DUI Alcohol W/BAC > .08

Apparently the CHP didn’t get the memo that Bobby Brown does what he wants when he wants and that’s just his PREROGATIVE – cause Bobby B was busted for DUI while driving in Reseda today.

Brown’s arrest made everyone in the Prisneyland office ask the same thing – What the hell was he doing Humpin’ Around in Reseda?

We were going to write something witty and funny about Bobby Brown but decided not to cause really – does anybody honestly rats ass about this guy?
A known drug user got arrested for DUI – Surprise surprise!

We’re soooo over it! We really just wanted an excuse to rock out to Bobby’s classic “On Our Own” from Ghostbusters 2.

Thanks Bobby! Welcome back to Prisneyland!
Now everybody just let the man live!

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