Dudes Featured National Simi Valley — 24 August 2013
Chaos On Mellow Lane as Simi Valley Man Suffering from Mental Illness Kills Mother

Mellow Lane was anything but mellow on Saturday afternoon when residents were jolted by the sound of gunshots. Ryan Carnan of Simi Valley shot and killed his mother Sally Carnan before setting the family home on fire, and taking off on a tractor, which eventually led him to a deadly encounter with the Simi Valley SWAT team.

Sally Carnan, a secretary at Santa Susanna High School in Simi Valley, had just celebrated the wedding of her daughter Jennifer at the family home two weeks ago and was looking forward to the new school year.

According to sources, the shooter, Ryan Carnan, has a long history of mental illness and has been living at home with his mother since being diagnosed with schizophrenia and subsequently discharged from the Army.

Police sources tell Prisneyland that after shooting his mother Carnan calmly called his brother to inform him that he had just killed their mother. We’re told that the murder comes as no surprise to the family who had come to almost accept the fact that this is how their mother would eventually die. We’re told that Carnan had previously made death threats against his family that were reported to the police who advised the family that there was nothing they could do until he acted upon the threats.

Check back for updates — story is developing…

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