J.R. Ewing is rolling over in his grave and even Casey Anthony is shaking her damn head at the depraved McDonald family of Dallas, Texas, after they were arrested for beating a pregnant family member until she delivered a stillborn baby that they proceeded to BBQ like a cheap steak.

According to the F’d up reports out of Dallas – Cecila McDonald (25), Lonnell McDonald (27), Sharon Jones (45), and Cedric Jones (27), were arrested on assault charges and are currently being held in the Dallas County jail on $150,000 bond. The four were booked on assault charges because apparently Texas doesn’t have any laws against barbequing a human fetus.

According to cops – the 14-year-old victim became pregnant after being sexually assaulted by a family member. But instead of having an abortion the family did what any good Texan family does – they took turns jumping on the young girl’s stomach and “kicking the shit” out of her until she delivered the stillborn baby in the bathroom of the family’s home.

And to take things to the next level of F’d upittyness the family decided that they should throw the stillborn fetus on a charcoal BBQ and burn it before they disposed of it in a green plastic bag. At least they recycled…

But all joking aside, we all know how seriously Texans take their BBQ and we couldn’t help but wondering if they seasoned the fetus up Tyler Texas BBQ style or if they went with something more traditional like the West Texas Cowboy style – either way it’s F’d up beyond words and these chef’s deserve to spend the rest of their lives in Hell’s Kitchen.
As for the victim, we’re sure she’ll be on Dr. Phil this fall