Daisha Sue Clark, a 24 year old Yorktown, Indiana mother was arrested Friday after allegedly driving naked and intoxicated with her child. The arrest came after cops responding to a 911 call observed the woman slamming into a parked car while driving in reverse. Prior to the fender-bender the mother had left her child in her car while she went inside a home for “a bit of the ol’ IN-N-OUT” with an unidentified man, and we’re not talking hamburgers.

bookingAfter being rebuked by a woman for leaving the child unattended, Clark is alleged to have driven off naked and drunk with the child in tow. When police finally caught up with the mother and asked her where her child was, the mother is alleged to have told police officers that she ‘didn’t know’. It was discovered later that in-between the “Roll-in-the-hay” with her male companion and her arrest, Clark had stopped by her mother’s house. Grandma, concerned for the safety of her grand child, removed the infant from her daughter’s vehicle after a woman brought attention to her daughter’s condition.

Clark been charged with driving while intoxicated, neglect of a dependent and driving on a suspended license. Her blood alcohol content was recorded to be .15. Almost double the state limit of .08.

At present Clark remains incarcerated at the Delaware County jail under a $15,000 bond and is slated to stand trial June 9 on burglary and theft charges filed in a case last October.