Anna Areola-Hernandez, a Glendale, Arizona woman was convicted last week after pleading guilty to a host of charges. The 23-year-old chicken-head was accused of convincing teenage boys she was just 15 in order to have sex with them. Hunni Bunny even went as far as transmitting an STD to a 13-year-old boy.

anna-areola-hernandezIn February, the 13-year-old’s mother contacted the police after finding out Areola-Hernandez has lied about her age. In a call set up by officers, Areola-Hernandez told the boy’s mother that she was pregnant, though police have yet to confirm if this is true.

Areola-Hernandez allegedly communicated with the boys through texts, Facebook, and other social media sites calling herself ‘Tiny Hernandez’. Court documents state Areola-Hernandez showed no remorse when talking about the allegations, and admitted to preferring younger boys, according to My Fox Phoenix. Investigators are now calling on parents whose children may have contacted the woman. “She looks very young, so it would be very easy for her to pass as a teenager,” according to Tracey Breeden of the Glendale Police Department.

Miss ‘Areola’ was sentenced to 10 years in Prisneyland and lifetime probation for being a chimo.