What happens when: your girlfriend gives you a black eye, you get arrested for domestic violence, and then try to lie to your boss about it on Monday morning when he brings a video camera into work? Prisneyland busts the Crap out you! That’s what happens!

Check out this video of Charlie Shechtman who was arrested a couple of weeks ago on domestic violence charges. Charlie works on the Business Rockstars radio show and on Monday morning his boss brought a video camera to post some behind the scenes video to Facebook. However, what he really did was unknowingly bust his number one employee Charlie in a big fat lie for all the world to see. Charlie tries to blame his massive black eye on getting hit with a baseball but we’re pretty sure his girlfriend was responsible for the shiner. And he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling Prisneyland kids!!!

Seriously check out the video – it’s priceless!