We’re not sure what’s worse, the fact that Andy Vallentgoed got a DUI or the fact that he thinks his 1980’s Risky Business style Porsche is a sweet ride.


According to his Facebook posts – Andy’s been attempting to relive Risky Business in real life. Back in May he posted that he had hit “rock bottom. can only go up from here i guess” – we’re assuming that’s when his parents were out of town and he threw a wild party. But in Andy’s version there was no hot blonde and his parent’s awesome house was more like a doublewide trailer.

Cheer up Andy! Things aren’t all that bad – Pacquiao will win again and there are worse places to be than Prisneyland. We’re sure you’ll be back home and dancing in your tighty whities in no time!

Oh, and one more thing – you might want to have a Dr. check that mole on the side of your face. Remember, when it comes to skin cancer – early detection is the key!