She may look like an angel but she’s a little devil that sent the world went into a panic! Parent’s everywhere freaked out when cute innocent white teen Marley McKenna Spindler went missing on her first day of school in South Carolina, on August 20th. Search parties were organized, websites were constructed, parents and family were panicked, and McKenna was missing. Only the little bitch wasn’t!
McKenna vanished after telling her friends she was going to pick up a 22 year old she met online who needed a ride because he was drunk. She was found a week later when a cop recognized her car and pulled her over. She tried to tell the cop that a man she didn’t know had gotten in her car and threatened her if she didn’t drive where she was told. Little Miss Pinocchio proceeded to tell the cops how she was sexually assaulted and they felt bad for her – until they realized she was full of shit and making the whole thing up!
They haven’t said where McKenna spent the entire week she was missing but we’re sure it was probably a much better place than where she put her friends and family who spent the week shitting their pants and worrying over a lying little girl. We’re not sure if you should feel sorry for the 22 year old creep she met that ended up getting interrogated and later cleared – it must have been fun explaining what he was doing talking to a 16 year old…  
If you’re bored and feel like hearing a good story we recommend contacting McKenna via Facebook.