may only be August, but the award for douche bag of the year has a front runner in 23 year old Ryan Arnold who killed his pregnant girlfriend Haley Hill this week in Georgia. In what sounds like a crazy scene out of a redneck action movie, Arnold got in a fight with his girlfriend and barricaded them in their home when the police arrived. Then somehow this POS managed to escape the SWAT team, jump in his truck with his girlfriend and escape!
During the chase Arnold exchanged gunfire with the cops and shot his wife. He dumped his poor girlfriend on the side of the road and took off. After abandoning his girlfriend on the side of the road Arnold took off and eventually hijacked a logging truck. But it wasn’t over! Arnold shot the truck driver after he refused to drive through a police barricade but Cops were finally able to shoot him and take him into custody after he took over control of the logging truck.
And while it’s hard to believe that this happened in real life and not a move, what’s harder to believe is that this white trash piece of shit was able to escape from the SWAT Team!
If anyone out there wants to rob a bank and not get caught we highly recommend heading to Athens, Georgia! If this numbnuts could escape we imagine just about anyone could…