If you made plans with Camarillo tough guy Tyler Ostertag (which we highly doubt since it looks like most of the people this dip shit hangs around with can’t read) you better cancel them – cause this moron is gonna be in Prisneyland for a long time.
Ostertag was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder charges after he got in a fight at a Taco Bell in Camarillo and stabbed 16 year-old Daniel Morales. 

We have no clue what the fight was about – maybe Morales made fun of one of Ostertag’s cliche “Tough Guy with a bong” photos on his Facebook page.
It’s a shame someone had to die in order to get this scum bag into Prisneyland considering the warning signs were clear as day. 
It’s a scientific fact that you belong in Prisneyland if a majority of the photos on your Facebook page are of you trying to look tough or getting high. It’s science!
Hope this tough guy enjoys his new life as a Prisneyland bitch!