Wanna see something intense?  Check out the recently released dash cam footage of the deadly encounter between two South Carolina cops and Demetrius Shelley Bryant, 21,  from last November.

The two cops questioned Bryant after they found him sleeping in his car. Throughout the video the cops seem pretty cool with Bryant and are going to let him go with a warning for not registering his vehicle. But things change when a bag of weed falls out of Bryant’s pocket and the cops attempt to handcuff him.

Even though the cops tell him it’s a minor misdemeanor, the fool decides to pull out a gun and shoots one of the cops! Luckily, the other cop reacted quickly and pumped a couple of rounds into Bryant’s upper body.

The two cops were cleared of any wrongdoing. Bryant however, skipped Prisneyland and went straight to the grave.

According to WLTX, Public Safety Officer Rhett Kelly, who has eight years’ experience in law enforcement, has been put on limited duty as he recovers from his injuries & Sgt. Frank Ballentine, a veteran of 23 years, returned to full duty February 8.