Move over Tom Hanks, America has a new hero, Carl Puia, 74, of Glastonbury, CT. This awesome old timer hates the Kardashians and everything associated with them so much, that he was arrested for going into a Barnes and Noble and pouring an unidentified red liquid all over a bunch of worthless crap known as Kim Kardashian’s book.
But he didn’t stop there, this hero left a lengthy typed out note detailing the many reasons why the Kardashians suck, and went on to shame the publishing companies and book stores for their willingness  to sell anything.

In a world currently filled with an overwhelming amount of negativity, it’s great to see an uplifting story that can make just about everyone happy.

We’re not sure what punishment Puia is facing, but we’re of the opinion that the man is a hero and feel we, as a country, should start a Go Fund Me page to cover his legal expenses. This man deserves a medal, not a punishment!