If you’re into betting it’s pretty safe to bet Noel Dawson, Jr. 63, of Toledo, Ohio, may win 2017 mugshot of the year. It’s only April, but Dawson is currently in the lead with this beauty that he took earlier this week after being arrested for chasing his son with a hatchet!

According to cops, Dawson tried to hit his son with the hatchet, but missed and hit his truck instead. Cops also say that while being arrested, Dawson refused to give his name or any personal information and decided to shout obscenities instead.


Mini Paul Bunyon is charged with domestic violence, assault, both first-degree misdemeanors; criminal damaging, a second-degree misdemeanor; and failure to disclose personal information, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.  But can you really blame the guy? Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio, is like being nowhere at all. You ask how I know of Toledo, Ohio? Well I spent a week there one day…
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