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Parent Holds Teacher Hostage in CA

Halloween Horror on Both Coasts! This one comes out of the West coast, from an elementary school in Riverside, out in the good old 909 – where some scumbag parent has apparently taken a teacher hostage and is now barricaded inside of a classroom. So far all the kids are safe and the cops say they are trying to coax the dude out. Not sure what their plan is, but we’re pretty sure it involves a meth pipe attached to a giant mousetrap. Good luck cops!...

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LIVE VIDEO: Halloween Horror in NYC: At Least 8 Killed in Truck Attack

Update: Put a check in the box next to terrorism – the mayor just confirmed it.   At least eight people are dead in Lower Manhattan, after being mowed down by a lunatic in a rental truck from Home Depot. Cops aren’t saying if it was terrorism or road rage yet, but we’re betting our money on terrorism. Luckily for everyone, the cops were able to shoot the jerk when he got out of his truck with a fake gun in his hand. NYC has some crazy traffic, especially on Halloween, but it’s not bad enough to make you...

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Flashback: OJ Simpson’s 2008 Trial

OJ Simpson has a big parole hearing today. Forget why he’s in prison in the first place? Refresh your memory with a gem from the Prisneyland Vault – OJ Simpson’s 2008, Trial in a Minute.  ...

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HOT FOR TEACHER: Math Teacher Busted for Oral Exam

Loryn Barclay, 24, of Monett, Missouri, was busted last week after she allegedly admitted to cops that she had indeed, made a 17 year old student very happy.  According to cops, Barclay admitted to having sex with the lucky teen at his home – as well as performing oral sex on the “victim” at a park on multiple occasions between November 2016, and January 2017. Barclay has been charged with four counts of sexual contact with a student by a teacher, in two separate Missouri counties. Judging by the photos, Barclay appears to be one of the hardest and...

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Missing Boy’s Body Found in Santa Barbara County

Sad news – the body of  5-year-old Aramazd “Piqui” Andressian Jr., was finally found, confirming what we all knew but didn’t want to believe – that his POS douche bag father, Aramazd Andressian Sr., killed him. Piqui’s body was found in the Lake Cachuma Recreation Area the same day his father (a title he doesn’t deserve), arrived in Los Angeles after being extradited from  Las Vegas, where he was arrested last week on suspicion of killing his son. We’re hoping the kid died in some sort of tragic accident instead of being purposely killed by his father – cause if...

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VIDEO: Cops Shoot Bad Guy in San Diego

It’s been a long cold winter- thankfully, summer is almost here! It’s almost time for pool parties, BBQ s, girls in less clothing… who doesn’t love summer? Peter Selis,  that’s who! The summer Grinch went on a shooting rampage yesterday in San Diego, killing one woman and injuring several others before the cops were able to take him out. Props to the cops for quickly turning the lunatic into Swiss cheese, and more props to the dude that decided to record it all on his phone!...

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Hatchet Man Produces Legendary Mugshot

If you’re into betting it’s pretty safe to bet Noel Dawson, Jr. 63, of Toledo, Ohio, may win 2017 mugshot of the year. It’s only April, but Dawson is currently in the lead with this beauty that he took earlier this week after being arrested for chasing his son with a hatchet! According to cops, Dawson tried to hit his son with the hatchet, but missed and hit his truck instead. Cops also say that while being arrested, Dawson refused to give his name or any personal information and decided to shout obscenities instead.   Mini Paul Bunyon is...

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Hero Arrested for Defacing Kardashian Books

Move over Tom Hanks, America has a new hero, Carl Puia, 74, of Glastonbury, CT. This awesome old timer hates the Kardashians and everything associated with them so much, that he was arrested for going into a Barnes and Noble and pouring an unidentified red liquid all over a bunch of worthless crap known as Kim Kardashian’s book. But he didn’t stop there, this hero left a lengthy typed out note detailing the many reasons why the Kardashians suck, and went on to shame the publishing companies and book stores for their willingness  to sell anything. In a world...

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Those appearing in these listings have only been arrested on suspicion of a crime and are presumed innocent.